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Sivananda Yoga Ashram

Sunshine Coast Qld

We are a group of yoga practitioners with knowledge to share with the sincere seeker.
We sing prayer songs to invoke the names of God and the Saints and Yogis who have given us guidance.


  •  5.00am    Practice of Nada Yoga and Manasic Puja
  •  6.00am    Satsang for all sadhaks
  •  6.30am    Puja (Sundays)
  •  7.15am    Arati
  •  7.30am    Personal Sadhana, Asanas and Pranayama
  •  9.00am    Karma Yoga
  •  10.00am    Morning vegetarian meal
  •  10.30am    Karma Yoga
  •  2.00pm    Afternoon tea (if required)
  •  3.00pm    Sunday Satsang (by invitation)
  •  4.30pm    Evening Nada Yoga
  •  4.45pm    Prayers/Arati
  •  5.00pm    Evening vegetarian meal
  •  6.00pm    Personal sadhana
  •  10.00pm    Lights out


Since moving to the Sunshine Coast Qld 20 years ago (end 2002) we have mainly been teaching private classes.