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Sivananda Yoga Ashram

Sunshine Coast Qld

We do not offer entertainment, or opportunities for chit chat. We are a group of yoga practitioners with knowledge to share with the sincere seeker.


  •  5.00am    Practice of Nada Yoga and Manasic Puja
  •  6.00am    Satsang for all sadhaks
  •  6.30am    Puja (Sundays)
  •  7.15am    Arati
  •  7.30am    Personal Sadhana, Asanas and Pranayama
  •  9.00am    Karma Yoga
  •  10.00am    Morning vegetarian meal
  •  10.30am    Karma Yoga
  •  2.00pm    Afternoon tea (if required)
  •  3.00pm    Sunday Satsang (by invitation)
  •  4.30pm    Evening Nada Yoga
  •  4.45pm    Prayers/Arati
  •  5.00pm    Evening vegetarian meal
  •  6.00pm    Personal sadhana
  •  10.00pm    Lights out

Private Classes and Courses

Hatha Yoga Class and the Meditation Class (by appointment) is for one and a half hours, held at the ashram Mountain Creek. The cost is arranged upon appointment. A guide to cost is as follows: