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Red Papaya

These grow easily, but sometimes struggle against disease

karella, bitter gourd

Karella - green bitter gourd

One of several varieties we grow during the warmer months

saijan - drumstick

Saijan Pods - Moringa

Saijan - both leaves and pods are edible (pods need to be scraped out)

cassava - tapioca


Grown during the warmer months and harvested in the autumn. Stored in freezer


Jonquils? - what are they?

Nice splash of spring colour

loofa gourd

Nenwa, SiQua, Loofa Gourd

Smooth loofa gourd, one of two varieties we grow.

Front driveway garden

Mixed garden of herbs and vegetables.

A sunny spot where things can be grown all year round.

Front yard

front yard gardens

Silver Beet, Soursop Tree, Saijan Tree

bottle gourd

Bottle Gourd (lauki)

Lauki (Indian Squash) is a really useful and versatile summer vegetable.

bitter gourd

White Karella - Bitter Gourd

Grown in the summer months. Fruit is cooked green.

smooth loofa gourd

Smooth Loofa Gourd and flowers

Picked young, this is a really nice vegetable. Left for seed, makes a 'loofa'.

pot plants

Under the gourd trellis

Some pot plants and decorative fence.

back yard

Back Yard Plants in Planter Boxes.

Remodelled area after competition from neigbour's palm trees.

sunny side

North side of House by Okra Garden (summer)

Foreground - snake beans. Background - lauki and taro.


Okra and Flowers

Okra, a popular summer crop ... yes, Hibiscus family.